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Tue/Thu 1:00-2:20 PM in SE2-374
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Latest Publications

Fate of SOM under low severity fires

10 Jun 2018

A paper from Mathew Jian’s MS thesis, describing Vulnerability of physically protected soil organic carbon to loss under low severity fires was accepted in G...

Recent News

Congrats Luis and Abraham

13 May 2018

Today two of our lab undergraduate assistants graduated with B.S. degree in Earth Systems Science.

New Partnesrhip & Research Site

19 Jul 2017

We visited a new study site in Five Points to start a collaborative research with UC ANR, UC Davis and other partners. The following is an excerpt from a blo...

Congrats Nate and Mat

30 May 2017

Today Nate Bogie and Mat Jian participated in the hooding and commencement ceremony. Nate completed the requirements for PhD degree in Environmental Systems ...

Research Areas

tomato plants

Rhizosphere Nutrient Dynamics

We are investigating how plants live in soil, where resources are patchy and scarce. This USDA-AFRI funded research aims to drastically cut nutrient leaks from modern intensive agriculture.

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Conservation Soil Management

In partnership with UC-ANR, we are investigating the effect of two-decade no-till, cover cropping, and high-residue-input practices on water use efficiency in irrigated agriculture.

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Aggregate Dynamics

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Spatial Modeling of Soil Dynamics

We are utilizing machine learning to synthesize spatial and temporal data in mapping and prediction of soil moisture dynamics.

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Agroecology in the Sahel

How do native shrubs of the Sahel region influence soil moisture and soil microbial composition and how such shrubs, when planted with food crops, might represent a new biologically-based way to improve production in semi-arid agroecosystems?

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Low-severity Fire and Soil Processes

What is the impact of low-severity fires, which account for >50% of the burned area in the US Southwest, on soil structure and associated physical and biogeochemical processes?

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For Prospective Students and Postdocs

We are looking for self-motivated and scholarly passionate students to join our lab at the undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral levels. To learn more check our on-going research projects and recent publications. You can find out about admission and degree requirements and offerings by visiting the websites of the Graduate Division and Environmental Systems Graduate Program.


ESS 110 Hydrology and Climate

Basics of the hydrological cycle and the global climate system. Fundamentals of surface water hydrology, hydrometeorology, evaporation, precipitation, statistical and probabilistic methods, unit hydrograph and flood routing.
Every Fall


ESS 112 Subsurface Hydrology

Hydrologic and geologic factors controlling the occurrence and use of groundwater on regional and local scales. Physical, mathematical, geologic and engineering concepts fundamental to subsurface hydrologic processes. Introduction to ground-water flow and transport modeling, with emphasis on model construction and simulation.
Spring in Odd Years, next scheduled Spring 2019


ES 228 Environmental Modeling

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