Planning and Executing Field campaigns Far from Home

Planning and Executing Field campaigns Far from Home

Nate Bogie writes “Field research can be fun and exhilarating, and it can also be exhausting and trying. This article is meant to highlight a few aspects of planning to consider for researchers working in remote or foreign locations. The perspective is from that of the graduate student or postdoctoral researcher who is on the ground planning and carrying out eldwork and managing teams of undergraduate students or staff. It is by no means an exhaustive guide on how to plan projects, and also does not detail the essential steps of generating research questions and writing successful grant proposals to support the work. Hopefully, it will give a few tips to anyone who is preparing for their rst long trip to the eld to help their work progress smoothly.”

Article by Ph.D. Candidate Nate Bogie.

Read full article here: CSA News Magazine, 60:36-37, 2015. doi:10.2134/csa2015-60-11-14

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