ESS 2 Sustainability Science

Current: Fall 2015

Past: Fall 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014

Goals and Learning Outcomes
  • Understand the major scientific concepts that support sustainability: reliance on solar energy, biodiversity, population control, and nutrient cycling
  • Understand how human activities and development impact and are impacted by environmental conditions
  • Become familiar with the major environmental challenges of our day
  • Understand the role of multiple disciplines in designing sustainable strategies (e.g., science and technology, business and economics, art and design, policy, history, psychology)
  • Have appreciation for the gap and opportunities in communicating issues of sustainability across disciplinary boundaries
Reading Materials

Required Textbook: Sustainability Principles and Practiceby Margaret Robertson  (Author), ISBN-13: 978-0415840187  ISBN-10: 041584018X  Edition: 1st



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