• Our Lab
  • Gas Fluxes
  • Meadow Ecohydrology
  • Agroecology in the Sahel
  • Soil-Plant-Atmosphere Relations
  • Fire in Arid Regions


We study sustainable food production system in the Sahel that relies on agroecological principles as well as utilization of biochar for sustainable water and nutrient management in intensive agricultural systems.Read More →


Soil Structure

Fires in arid and semi-arid regions are often short lived and rarely heat  surface soil more than 200° C. We study the potential of this  energy to degrade the inherently weak aggregates and to alter biogeochemical cycles. Read More →


Arid-Zone Fluxes

Mass and energy fluxes in dry-hot areas are strongly coupled and have strong bearing on delicate ecosystems of such areas. We work with collaborators at Desert Research Institute to understand coupling between soil moisture and atmospheric variables.  Read More →



Many of the research questions we address require novel approaches. Here you will find a selection of new or improved measurement and quantitative techniques we developed over the years.
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