Papers First-Authored by Current & Former Lab Members

Ammar Albalasmeh

Former PhD Student and Collaborator
  1. Using Wastewater in Irrigation: The Effects on Infiltration Process in a Clayey Soil.
    Albalasmeh, A. A., Gharaibeh, M. A., Alghzawi, M. Z., Morbidelli, R., Saltalippi, C., Ghezzehei, T. A., & Flammini, A.
    Water, 12(4), 968. 2020.
  2. Interplay between soil drying and root exudation in rhizosheath development.
    Albalasmeh, A. A., & Ghezzehei, T. A.
    Plant and Soil, 374(1-2), 739–751. 2013.
  3. A new method for rapid determination of carbohydrate and total carbon concentrations using UV spectrophotometry.
    Albalasmeh, A. A., Berhe, A. A., & Ghezzehei, T. A.
    Carbohydrate Polymers, 97(2), 253–61. 2013.
  4. Degradation of moist soil aggregates by rapid temperature rise under low intensity fire.
    Albalasmeh, A. A., Berli, M., Shafer, D. S., & Ghezzehei, T. A.
    Plant and Soil, 362(1-2), 335–344. 2013.

Samuel N. Araya

Former PhD Student
  1. Long-Term Impact of Cover Crop and Reduced Disturbance Tillage on Soil Pore Size and Soil Water Storage.
    Araya, S. N., Mitchell, J. P., W., H. J., & Ghezzehei, T. A.
    In Preparation. review. 2021.
  2. Advances in Soil Moisture Retrieval from Multispectral Remote Sensing Using Unmanned Aircraft Systems and Machine Learning Techniques.
    Araya, S. N., Fryjoff-Hung, A., Anderson, A., Viers, J. H., & Ghezzehei, T. A.
    Hydrology and Earth System Sciences. preprint. 2021.
  3. Using Machine Learning for Prediction of Saturated Hydraulic Conductivity and Its Sensitivity to Soil Structural Perturbations.
    Araya, S. N., & Ghezzehei, T. A.
    Water Resources Research, 55, 5715–5737. 2019.

Chelsea Arnold

Former PhD Student and Research Scientist
  1. Decomposition of distinct organic matter pools is regulated by moisture status in structured wetland soils.
    Arnold, C., Berhe, A. A., & Ghezzehei, T. A.
    Soil Biology and Biochemistry, 81, 28–37. 2015.
  2. A method for characterizing desiccation-induced consolidation and permeability loss of organic soils.
    Arnold, C., & Ghezzehei, T. A.
    Water Resources Research, 51(1), e106058. 2015.
  3. Early Spring, Severe Frost Events, and Drought Induce Rapid Carbon Loss in High Elevation Meadows.
    Arnold, C., Ghezzehei, T. A., & Berhe, A. A.
    PLoS ONE, 9(9), e106058. 2014.

Toshiyuki Bandai

Current PhD Student
  1. Physics-informed neural networks with monotocnicity constraints for Richardson-Richards equation–Estimation of constitutive relationships and soil water flux density from volumetric water content measurements.
    Bandai, T., & Ghezzehei, T.
    Water Resources Research, 57(2), e2020WR027642. 2021.

Nathaniel Bogie

Former PhD Student
  1. Intercropping With Two Native Woody Shrubs Improves Water Status and Development of Interplanted Groundnut and Pearl Millet in the Sahel.
    Bogie, N. A., Bayala, R., Diedhiou, I., Dick, R., & Ghezzehei, T. A.
    Plant and Soil, 1-2, 143–159. 2019.
  2. Alteration of soil physical properties and processes after ten years of intercropping with native shrubs in the Sahel.
    Bogie, N., Bayala, R., Diedhiou, I., Dick, R. P., & Ghezzehei, T. A.
    Soil and Tillage Research, 182, 153–163. 2018.
  3. Hydraulic Redistribution by Native Sahelian Shrubs: Bioirrigation to Resist In-Season Drought.
    Bogie, N. A., Bayala, R., Diedhiou, I., Conklin, M. H., Fogel, M., Dick, R., & Ghezzehei, T. A.
    Frontiers in Environmental Science: Agroecology & Land Use Systems, 6, 98. 2018.

Juan Lopez Arriaza

Former Undergraduate Assistant
  1. Explaining longitudinal hydrodynamic dispersion using variance of pore size distribution.
    Arriaza, J. L., & Ghezzehei, T. A.
    Journal of Porous Media, 16(1), 11–19. 2013.

Thomas Gebrenegus

Former Postdoc
  1. An Index for Degree of Hysteresis in Water Retention.
    Gebrenegus, T., & Ghezzehei, T. A.
    Soil Science Society of America Journal, 75(6), 2122–2127. 2011.
  2. Physicochemical controls on initiation and evolution of desiccation cracks in sand-bentonite mixtures: X-ray CT imaging and stochastic modeling.
    Gebrenegus, T., Ghezzehei, T. A., & Tuller, M.
    Journal of Contaminant Hydrology, 126(1-2), 100–112. 2011.

Mathew Jian

Former MS Student
  1. Vulnerability of physically protected soil organic carbon to loss under low severity fires.
    Jian, M., Berhe, A. A., Berli, M., & Ghezzehei, T. A.
    Frontiers in Environmental Sciences-Soil Processes. published. 2018.
  2. Soil Structural Degradation during Low-severity Burns.
    Jian, M., Berli, M., & Ghezzehei, T. A.
    Geophysical Research Letters, 45(5553-5561). 2018.

Carolina Pena-Sancho

Former Visiting PhD Student
  1. Upward infiltration–evaporation method to estimate soil hydraulic properties.
    Peña-Sancho, C., Ghezzehei, T. A., Latorre, B., González-Cebollada, C., & Moret-Fernández, D.
    Hydrological Sciences Journal, 62(10), 1683–1693. 2017.

Jing Yan

  1. Root uptake under mismatched distributions of water and nutrients in the root zone.
    Yan, J., Bogie, N. A., & Ghezzehei, T. A.
    Biogeosciences, 17, 6377–6392. 2020.

Teamrat A. Ghezzehei

  1. On the role of soil water retention characteristic on aerobic microbial respiration.
    Ghezzehei, T. A., Sulman, B., Arnold, C. L., Bogie, N. A., & Berhe, A. A.
    Biogeosciences, 16, 1187–1209. 2019.
  2. Spatial distribution of rhizodeposits provides built-in water potential gradient in the rhizosphere.
    Ghezzehei, T. A., & Albalasmeh, A. A.
    Ecological Modeling, 298, 53–63. 2015.
  3. Biochar can be used to recapture essential nutrients from dairy wastewater and improve soil quality.
    Ghezzehei, T. A., Sarkhot, D. V., & Berhe, A. A.
    Solid Earth, 5(1), 1101–1125. 2014.
  4. Soil Structure.
    Ghezzehei, TA.
    In P. M. Huang, Y. Li, & M. E. Sumner (Eds.), Handbook of Soil Sciences (Vol. 1. Properties and Processes). CRC Press, Boca Raton, Fla., 2012.
  5. Linking sub-pore scale heterogeneity of biological and geochemical deposits with changes in permeability.
    Ghezzehei, T. A.
    Advances in Water Resources, 39, 1–6. 2012.
  6. Measurements of the Capillary Pressure-Saturation Relationship of Methane Hydrate Bearing Sediments.
    Ghezzehei, T. A., & Kneafsey, T. J.
    In Offshore Technology Conference (pp. OTC-20550-MS). Offshore Technology Conference. 2010.
  7. Book Review: Clay Swelling and Colloid Stability.
    Ghezzehei, T. A.
    Soil Science Society of America Journal, 72(1), 277. 2008.
  8. Errors in determination of soil water content using time domain reflectometry caused by soil compaction around waveguides.
    Ghezzehei, T. A.
    Water Resources Research, 44(8). 2008.
  9. Correspondence of the Gardner and van Genuchten-Mualem relative permeability function parameters.
    Ghezzehei, T. A., Kneafsey, T. J., & Su, G. W.
    Water Resources Research, 43(10). 2007.
  10. Infiltration and Seepage Through Fractured Welded Tuff.
    Ghezzehei, T. A., Dobson, P. F., Rodriguez, J. A., & Cook, P. J.
    In Proceedings of the 11th International High Level Radioactive Waste Management Conference, IHLRWM. American Nuclear Society. 2006.
  11. Flow diversion around cavities in fractured media.
    Ghezzehei, T. A.
    Water Resources Research, 41(11). 2005.
  12. Constraints for flow regimes on smooth fracture surfaces.
    Ghezzehei, T. A.
    Water Resources Research, 40(11), W11503. 2005.
  13. Liquid fragmentation and intermittent flow regimes in unsaturated fractured media.
    Ghezzehei, T. A., & Or, D.
    Water Resources Research, 41(12), W12406. 2005.
  14. Modeling Coupled Evaporation and Seepage in Ventilated Cavities.
    Ghezzehei, T. A., Trautz, R. C., Finsterle, S., Cook, P. J., & Ahlers, C. F.
    Vadose Zone Journal, 3(3), 806–818. 2004.
  15. Stress-induced volume reduction of isolated pores in wet soil.
    Ghezzehei, T. A., & Or, D.
    Water Resources Research, 39(3). 2003.
  16. Evaluating the effectiveness of liquid diversion around an underground opening when evaporation is non- negligible.
    Ghezzehei, T. A. R. A. T., & Finsterle, S.
    In International TOUGH Symposium Proceedings. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, California, May 12-14. 2003.
  17. Pore-Space Dynamics in a Soil Aggregate Bed under a Static External Load.
    Ghezzehei, T. A., & Or, D.
    Soil Science Society of America Journal, 67(1), 12. 2003.
  18. Rheological Properties of Wet Soils and Clays under Steady and Oscillatory Stresses.
    Ghezzehei, T. A., & Or, D.
    Soil Science Society of America Journal, 65(3), 624. 2001.
  19. Dynamics of soil aggregate coalescence governed by capillary and rheological processes.
    Ghezzehei, T. A., & Or, D.
    Water Resources Research, 36(2), 367–379. 2000.